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Dear Good Americans, Explain Where You Were When…

Photo on 11-4-13 at 6.59 PM

When Leticia Asked me WHAT we use to Talk in Africa
I was in the line in my cafeteria when Leticia black girl walked up to me, “Hey girl, what ya’ll used to talk in Africa?” Boy, was I stunned! She was referring to the “click click” sound made in some languages of Southern Africa countries when she asked this. I know this because moments before, I overheard a conversation she had with her friends on that topic. I looked at Leticia squarely in her eyes thinking, “this bitch…”, but I answered, “we move our noses and squeeze our faces to converse with one another.” She actually pondered on it for a second before saying, “gurll, you being sarcastic?” I walked off…

We Can’t invite You For an Interview Because of Your Location Preferences
I applied to a company that I really would have loved to work for. The recruiter, white male, emailed me back saying the company could not invite me in for an interview because the locations I put on my application were “full.” I took a step forward by explaining that I only put a location because I had to, I really am open to moving, by the way, it was a 100% travel role, so I didn’t see the high relevance of location, I’d never be in my apartment nonetheless. He responded back saying, “The Company chooses to stand by its decision.” Continue reading