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Day 2 – You Are Not an Accident

Credit: vremurivechisinoi

Credit: vremurivechisinoi

I am your Creator. You were in my care, even before you were born         – Isaiah 44:2a (CEV)

My parents, wanting more than two children, definitely planned for me. With two girls preceding me, they must have prayed and hoped I come out a boy. But God, who thought of me even before my parents thought of the idea of a third child, wanted to create me – as a girl to His glory!

He predetermined EVERYTHING about me. My parents, race, history and everything else surrounding my birth plays a significant role, but ultimately, God created me for His enjoyment, which can only bring me good, never evil. This may be hard to accept, especially for my atheist friends because, as humans it only is natural for us to ask, “Why would ‘this so-called good God’ create a child who will end up dying from abject poverty/ homelessness/ abuse/ a disability? etc.” I don’t have the answer to that, and I too have thought about the “why” sometimes… I’d just say this, Christianity is a choice. I chose to believe that there is a just God, even when as a 12 year old girl I searched high and low for how God could have come from nothing. The experience of becoming one with Christ is rather inexplainable. It’s one of those things you understand best by experiencing it for yourself. I implore you to open up your heart to God. The God who sent His only son Jesus Christ to come and give the ultimate sacrifice, His life in atonement for your sins and my sins. If you just say this, “God, even though I don’t believe in you, I’m open to a visit from you. I’m ready.” And try to have a little faith that He will show, that’s the first step, and I pray He reveals Himself to you!

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