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My Love Handles. My 3rd Chin. My Jiggles. My Happiness

If you’ve had the marvelous opportunity of knowing me over the past 5 years or more, it’s no news to you that I GAINED A LOT OF WEIGHT over those years.

I was a fat 10 year old, but lost all my chunky when I was mourning in my Nigerian boarding school. It’s real – I lost 9kg (20 lbs) in 12 days! Ask my mommy, no lies here folks, lol. I remember putting on my jean skirt my first break from school. AFTER zipping it up, it fell to the ground. Over my 6 years of boarding school, I’d gain weight during holidays > 3 weeks, and shed it all off once I got back to school.

Exercise is VITAL. I get it, but if I’m to be honest with you, I’ll tell you that I’m not that committed to it. I think the most I’ve regularly exercised has been 5 consecutive weeks. Anyways, I moved to America June 2010. Continue reading