The Stain. The Interviews. The CALL.

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Many companies teach the major skills needed to fulfill the responsibilities of an advertised job to their hires. This leaves some room to conclude that skills aren’t 100% the reason for hiring. Soft skills like relationship building, adaptability, etc matter a lot.

This is a sequel to the last post. If you missed it, please read here.

The next round of interviews put our soft skills to test. 25 candidates were taken to a top-notch restaurant in Atlanta for dinner. Each candidate was sat beside, and across from a staff. We were expected to engage in relationship-building dialogue, and luckily for me, that comes easily.

One of the appetizers offered to us was chips (crisps) and salsa. Unfortunately, with the first chip I took, the salsa chose to drop on the white part of my white and grey dress! Continue reading


My Mentor, Her Friend, My Job

Credit: Klassy Kinks


My college, Robinson College of Business (RCB) in Georgia State University (GSU), has a website called Robinson Career Connection (RCC). On this website, there are vast job/ internship postings. I went on there to find an internship; I found an opening with Turner Broadcasting Inc., in a field that relates directly to me: accounting and finance. I immediately ‘dropped’ my resume, and hoped for the best!

I’ve heard many people say things like recruiters don’t like seeing “complicated” names on resumes; but really, am I supposed to change my name for an application? :/ Yeah, I didn’t think so either!

Not too long after this, an email from TBS came in. I remember reading that email – eagerly anticipating good news! Yours truly was called back for the first round of interviews! I was flabbergasted (I really wanted to use this word people 😀 )! I honestly didn’t want to inform anyone that I’d started the process for this opportunity; but ended up telling some family members, for prayers and support. Continue reading