22 Series Talk 1 – Buying A $150k House At 22!!

22 series 1 YT thumbnailHello there!

I hope you are doing well! I had the pleasure of sitting down with my beautiful friend, Azhia Brown, who was gracious enough to share the journey of the purchase of her first home at the age of 22!

The 22 Series is a project I am working on to shine the light on millennials who are making waves in different areas of their lives! I hope you are inspired and encouraged to shoot for the stars!

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I love you! Enjoy labor day weekend! I am spending mine in Cuba! Let me know if you want a video of my trip!

Cheers! xo.

Why I Quit My Job To Pursue My Passion (Video)

First and foremost, THANK YOU! I truly appreciate you for taking this journey with me. I started my blog in May 2015, with one goal. I wanted my work to positively influence at least one person! I’m glad to say this goal has been exceeded, all thanks to God and you!

Over the years, I have shared various milestones with you – Successful internships, graduation with an honors in accounting, amazing trips across the world, landing a ‘good job,’ leaving said job, exploring a new field, and now, taking my passion for communication and a ‘good ol’ chat’ to the video scene.

I am so excited to now present to you, Oreofetalks videos! I am hosting them on YouTube. Please watch, like, leave a comment, tell me something I can do better, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share the video!

Just like the blogs, the videos will go live on Thursdays, I am still working on the time frame that works best. Please connect with me on all social media. I look forward to taking this exciting new journey with you!


Oreofetalks Is An Accountant!

All I have to say is thank you Lord! I’m so overwhelmed at God’s love to me! This is a picture blog of my graduation celebration! Through hard work and God’s help, I graduated from Georgia State University with my Honors Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting on May 7th 2016! It felt good! It all paid off! God remained faithful till the end!

A big thank you to all those who made my graduations successful:

Me – Oreofetalks, lol!
Parents – Yomi & Bukky Ogunkanmi
Siblings – Ife & Ibukun Alabi, Ore, Demi & Leye Ogunkanmi
School – Georgia State University and Professors
Pictures – Tunde of KayCaptures_ (IG), Dami Alajogun, Peter & Gideon Olatuyi
P.A. – Zikora Agbapu
Makeup – Gloria Damisa
DJ – DJ Femzo
Lounge & Food – Buka 2
Planner – Mayeani Elite Events
Message – Pastor Joe Takon
Outfits – Nordstrom, Dressbarn, Sears, DSW, ShoeDazzle, Aldo, Burlington Coat Factory, & GSU Store
Party Dress – Candy Abott (CandyRalph on IG)
Hair – Tolu of Nigerianxchick (IG)
Nails – Nail Ly on Cobb Pkwy
Love & Support & Gifts & $$$$ – Family and Friends!

I am a very blessed lady, and I give God all the glory!
All my vendors were amazing! Please contact me for more details.

To my Brother, and the Class of 2020!

My darling aburo, Congratulations on your successful completion of high school! I’m very proud of your achievements! As you head on to college, allow me leave these nuggets for you to use as a guide through your path of life.

  • Enjoy your summer! This includes binge watching your favorite shows, waking up at 4pm, and doing whatever you want to!
  • Apply for scholarships. According to, $2.9 billion goes away in unclaimed scholarships annually. I want you to try and grab a large bunch of that
  • You are at the point in your life where many people wish they could go back to… You are FREE, no major responsibilities, no huge bills – enjoy this!
  • Always remember that life happens in phases, don’t rush through the stages. Take it all in and be thankful for these next four years of being broke, lol!
  • The time for building your credit will come. Remember I got my credit card at 18 and maxed it out buying my shoes, lol! Wait, pace yourself, do a little planning with your finances. Debit card and cash only!
  • Join a Freshman Learning Community. There is a hard transition from High School to college for a lot of people. Make it easier on yourself by having a small group of friends you can always rely on.

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To Ask… Or Not To Ask ?

Credit: Office Reports

Credit: Office Reports

“There are no stupid questions… It’s the effort that counts.” I’m sure we’ve all heard this or some variant of this phrase at some stage in our lives. Oreofetalks is going to disagree on this one. There are in fact a lot of stupid questions. Think about it, most questions have very apparent answers! I know I’m guilty as charged of asking questions I could get the answers to by reading the instructions, or fine print, but we could all be a little too lazy to read through.

Cheer up inquisitive minds, your world isn’t over; remember there’s always a plot twist to everything. Stupid questions can be asked in an intellectual manner. Continue reading

Stop! Don’t Cheat my Intellect!



I’m a big fan of tutoring people. If I understand a concept, and you don’t get it, please feel free to ask. This comes with a disclaimer though: I’m not the most patient person, so if after 3 rounds of explanations, you still don’t get it, I start speaking Dutch. At that point, we’d both need an interpreter, as I don’t understand Dutch, lol. Continue reading

My Nigerian Boarding School Lingua



I went to 2 boarding schools in Nigeria for a total of 6 years! I have stories for days on different occurrences from school. This will be the post to refer to in the future when I use some slangs from my days ’04 – ’10

Frappas or Conference: A wedgie – when your underwear gets ‘stuck’ lol

Baff-up’s: dressy clothes

Ebs: eba

Yellow: moi-moi

Quafs: making out Continue reading