Misery Surely Loves Company!



It was a lovely Saturday afternoon on a summer vacation in the late 90’s… Lol, it feels good that I can say that! We were in Lagos on our annual holiday. My uncle took my cousins, sister and me to Ikoyi Club. We joined my cousin when she went in for a swim! I mean, who actually needs to know how to swim, right? The pool was packed! My cousin was a rather good swimmer. She swam off to the deep end, flapping her wings and enjoying herself! My sister, Ore and I, thought, ‘hmm, why get squashed with all these other kids? If our cousin could swim, we could too!’ With no inhibition, Ore and I flapped, kicked, paddled, and at the very least, swam our way to the ‘freer side’ AKA deep end!

When we got there, we noticed that our feet were no longer touching the ground! AH (insert Nigerian screams)!! In the midst of all the excitement, no one seemed to have seen two little girls struggling! When Ore would manage to stick her head out to scream out for our cousin, or the life guard, I would drag her down! In my mind, I thought, ‘if I go down, baby girl, you’re coming with me!’ lol! Oh the selfishness!

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G’Day Mates! I Come Bearing Aussie Goodies!

img_0755AUSTRALIA!!!! I’m head over heels for you. Marry me? Haha, calm down folks, I kid.

People, I cannot stress this enough, TRAVEL! It’s the mind’s way of rediscovering its true elements. Take it a step further, and disconnect (internet). I was connected for no more than 24 hours over my 2-week holiday. I visited Sydney for 5 days by myself, then Melbourne to see my family-friends for 7 days. The whole trip was a 48-hour trip, so there goes my nicely organized 2-week vacay.

img_0764The first few days in Sydney, I was ‘gone’ by 3pm, which was about 11pm the previous day in Atlanta. It took three days for me to fully adjust to a 16-hour time difference. Since I’d either stayed up all night, or gotten up before dawn, I headed out as early as 7am, and came back to bed in the late afternoon. I was in my true element from when I got in the plane. It was like a switch was flicked on! Highly extroverted, people-lover, happy-go-lucky, fun, all smiles, inquisitive mind! I’ve prayed to God that that state stays with me beyond this trip.
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With love, Aussie.


A few months ago, I started breaking down… mentally, spiritually and physically. I was totally stressed from work and other life stressors. I reckoned that I needed a break… not just any kind, but a far away vacation to a place where I could forget about all the negatives, and focus on the positives, and thank God for my life, this very life I only get to live once. This coupled with my personal goal to visit at least one new country each year, leads to the fact that I’m writing this sitting on the beautiful Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia. Naturally, I didn’t want to fly 22 hours, to a country that’s 16 hours ahead of my time zone, all by myself, so I tried to garner interest in some friends… but for various reasons, no one else could make it. I went ahead and bought my ticket. A few days later, I booked my accommodation… Delta gave me my count-down, 56 days. Not a day went by where I didn’t think of this trip. I’m blessed with good sleep, so I slept for about 13 hours on the flight, read a book, played Sudoku and caught up with my shows Blackish & Suits for the other parts of the trip.

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Oh, the Things we do for Money

Since moving to America in July 2010, I’ve seen the naira currency rate go from N150 to N500 for $1.00. Even at the low rate of N150, I had the mindset that I didn’t want my parents to spend their hard earned naira, in dollars. I asked for a small amount for pocket money, and did my best to make up the rest to live to a standard I liked.

For some reason, it was hard for me to get a consistent student job, so here are a few odd jobs I have done to provide money for myself because, man must chop!

hair.GIFHair making: America cannot come and kill me because I want fine hair. The cost of getting your hair done is HIGH! I started by practicing on my cousins. Soon enough, I became decent enough to charge for services: perming, weave in’s, braiding, twisting, crotchet, etc. I particularly HATE doing hair (especially braids) as it takes ages, and makes my lower back hurt so much.I got to charge up to $120 at some point for this, so I stuck it out. I remember taking out a weave a few years ago, and I wanted to get big braids. I called around, the cheapest I found was $80. I’m Ijebu, smh, they playing themselves! I played my good ol’ Grey’s Anatomy and sat in front of my bathroom mirror. Four hours later, I accomplished the task of braiding my hair myself.

food 2.GIFCooking: I’m a great cook, but it’s another thing I don’t enjoy doing. The idea of cooking for money happened when one lady tried my Ogbona and asked how much I charge. Oh, I quickly owned up to the thing (although as at that point, I’d never charged for food haha!). I did my research, and before long, I was making upwards of $80 for my bowls of Egusi, EfoRiro, Okra Soup, and our ever faithful Naija Jollof. I dabbled into the meat pie business, but the streez is plenty! Ain’t nobody got time for that, lol! Continue reading

One Day, One Adventure.

Image result for laughing black girl


Let’s dig right in! I’ve had an interesting day to say the least! Please laugh with me!

My body decided to be awoken at 5:35am, a whole 55 minutes before I set my alarm!  I started the day off by… I could lie and say prayers first, but as a Jesus gal, let’s go with the truth, lol. I started by grabbing my baby boo, AKA my cuddle buddy, AKA my phone! Haha, calm down… Uncle Bae is en route. I checked whatsapp, social media, and played my turn in Words with Friends. Then, oh Lord, have mercy on me… I prayed and did my devotions, Our Daily Bread for the win! Today, it talked about finding the joy in trials, knowing that it’d produce spiritual maturity. So apt for me.

adaI decided to add 12 minutes to the 6:30, and catch a sweet dream or two. My bestie boo text and called me to get my behind up coz she knows I drag in the morning, I was texting her laughing, saying I’ll get up whenever. I got up, got ready. Didn’t feel like breakfast, so grabbed my salad for lunch and left. Prayed as I got in the car, and listened to my Afro beats for a few minutes, then listened to an amazing woman, Senator Elizabeth Warren crush Wells Fargo CEO, John Stumpf in an intense questioning session on the Wells scam. After listening, I wished/ prayed Nigeria will start producing people with characters like Senator Warren. I went on to FaceTime aforementioned bestie. She was gisting me how a very handsome Hispanic man pulled up to her and said her tires needed air. Based on her amazing description of him, and she has high standards in the ‘looks’ department, I joked that she should have yelled back, ‘no Papi, I don’t need air, I need you!’ LOL… It was fun and games until Papi’s words came back to haunt her. She goes, omg! Summary: She had a flat tire, and with neither of us knowing anything about that, she had to pull over and StateFarm to the rescue. She’s always SO early to work, this one time, I beat her! Lol. As usual, on i20, there’s a dead dog on the highway every other day. I saw one, winced and went back to my Afro beats for the rest of my ride. Continue reading

Oreofetalks Is An Accountant!

All I have to say is thank you Lord! I’m so overwhelmed at God’s love to me! This is a picture blog of my graduation celebration! Through hard work and God’s help, I graduated from Georgia State University with my Honors Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting on May 7th 2016! It felt good! It all paid off! God remained faithful till the end!

A big thank you to all those who made my graduations successful:

Me – Oreofetalks, lol!
Parents – Yomi & Bukky Ogunkanmi
Siblings – Ife & Ibukun Alabi, Ore, Demi & Leye Ogunkanmi
School – Georgia State University and Professors
Pictures – Tunde of KayCaptures_ (IG), Dami Alajogun, Peter & Gideon Olatuyi
P.A. – Zikora Agbapu
Makeup – Gloria Damisa
DJ – DJ Femzo
Lounge & Food – Buka 2
Planner – Mayeani Elite Events
Message – Pastor Joe Takon
Outfits – Nordstrom, Dressbarn, Sears, DSW, ShoeDazzle, Aldo, Burlington Coat Factory, & GSU Store
Party Dress – Candy Abott (CandyRalph on IG)
Hair – Tolu of Nigerianxchick (IG)
Nails – Nail Ly on Cobb Pkwy
Love & Support & Gifts & $$$$ – Family and Friends!

I am a very blessed lady, and I give God all the glory!
All my vendors were amazing! Please contact me for more details.

Tiwa, My Heart Is with You – Being my Sisters’ Keeper

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.14.28 PM


Keep me as the apple, the daughter of Your eye; In shadow of Thy wings, hide me Lord. – Psalm 17:8

If you’re familiar with the Nigerian entertainment industry, the story of Tiwa’s husband, TeeBliz attempting suicide due his acclaimed tale of being mistreated by Tiwa and her ‘witch’ mother, cursed by his father etc. is not news to you… I’m not interested in writing about ‘gossip’, so please utilize other outlets and get the gist of the story.

A few weeks ago, I clearly got my ministerial calling. God has put a burden on my heart, a burden that makes me want to see every woman come to Christ, live in happiness and become great! Take a break at the point. Pull out your phone. If you know ANYONE on your contact list that’s in an abusive (mentally, psychologically, financially, physically, emotionally) relationship; marriage, engagement or dating, please call them and cry out to them to leave. Offer them resources that you have and can use to help them… This is what I mean by ‘being my sister’s keeper.’ Yes, God hates divorce etc. I personally think it’s silly to get a divorce because you want 2 kids and your spouse wants 4, or other trivial issues… But when your health and wholeness starts getting compromised, please leave. I’ve never been in a long relationship/ marriage, so I can’t imagine how difficult it’d be, but please…better late than never, LEAVE sister! Continue reading