Why I Quit My Job To Pursue My Passion (Video)

First and foremost, THANK YOU! I truly appreciate you for taking this journey with me. I started my blog in May 2015, with one goal. I wanted my work to positively influence at least one person! I’m glad to say this goal has been exceeded, all thanks to God and you!

Over the years, I have shared various milestones with you – Successful internships, graduation with an honors in accounting, amazing trips across the world, landing a ‘good job,’ leaving said job, exploring a new field, and now, taking my passion for communication and a ‘good ol’ chat’ to the video scene.

I am so excited to now present to you, Oreofetalks videos! I am hosting them on YouTube. Please watch, like, leave a comment, tell me something I can do better, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share the video!

Just like the blogs, the videos will go live on Thursdays, I am still working on the time frame that works best. Please connect with me on all social media. I look forward to taking this exciting new journey with you!


Oh South Korea! You Were Amazing in 2015… I Miss You!

IMG_8644In August 2015, I took my farthest and most exciting trip at that time. I went to South Korea! I don’t want that memory to ever leave me, as it was truly an amazing time! I’m re-posting my blog post to relish my experience, and give my newer followers the opportunity to hear about South Korea from my eyes.

Grab a bowl of popcorn, and a cup of tea, coffee, water or wine. At the end of this long piece, you’d feel like you were on my trip with me! So, buckle up!

Any opportunity to explore a different culture has my full attention! I’m sitting on the Haeundae beach in Busan, South Korea, getting my feet dipped in the Pacific Ocean as I write this! Bliss. Korea is a beautiful place! The pictures on Google are real. To think that she went through a horrible war about 65 years ago, she bounced back pretty nicely! Their growth and economic development can only make me pray that Nigeria and other 3rd world countries achieve speedy recovery from our corrupt governments and relatively stagnant economies.

I’ve had the time of my life in Seoul and Busan. Yes my curious ears, here are my twenty takeaways:

  1. Black women are rare:
    Everywhere I went, people were openly IMG_8616curious, staring at me, and asking for my pictures. I’d pose for a personal picture and a flock of photographers will come and take my picture! My group joked that I could make a living by charging some money for my picture to be taken.
    The most interesting thing happened when I went to the beach. I had my swimsuit on for a dip in the ocean, and this conversation ensued:

    2 Korean Girls (2KG): Oh my God! Your body is so beautiful!IMG_8984

    Me: (Aghast) Oh! Thanks!

    2KG: Are those your real boobs? They’re so big!

    Me: (Hahahahahahaha) Yes!! And you find much bigger where I come from.

    2KG: Wow!! We don’t have any boobs. A and B cups mostly.

    Me: Aw, I wish I could gift you some :=D

    2KG: Can we touch them?

    Me: Oh, go ahead!

    2KG: Uhh, Ahhh, it’s really real! Lol.

    No joke, this was how this went down, and it was fun!

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Her Abortion

atnThis is a submission from a reader. My response will be dedicated to a blog post next week, please stay tuned. I know her choice of abortion will be upsetting to some of you. Please remember there is a human at the receiving end of what you say. See this as an opportunity to post encouraging words for someone going through this now, or who may end up in a similar fix in the future.

A week later, the reality of the situation is finally hitting me. I’m at an event, sitting beside a barely pregnant woman and I run to the bathroom, tearing up. I was sad before, but I am just realizing what I have done. I cry for my child that did not get a chance, I cry for myself, for not being able to protect my unborn from the bashful words of her maternal grandparents. I cry for her father, let’s call him Grey, who did everything he could to be there for me. I cry for Grey more because he has always been consistent with his loving actions – from the day we met, until, and after the day of the procedure. Grey was vehemently against the abortion, but I chose my family over him.

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Will you be my Reliable Friend?

oreofe1-42I love people! Maybe once a month, I surprise myself and want to be quiet, lol! But I always want to know that someone is there for me. Physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

I have encountered various types of friendships throughout my life, and I try my bets to be a good friend.
Here are some qualities I have come to treasure in my friendships. Big Disclaimer: NO ONE CAN POSSESS ALL OF THESE THINGS!

LOVE – As imperfect, sometimes complicated, maybe indecisive, short tempered, or whatever anyone is, a friend will love you. You will feel this love through your being, and you will be thankful for it, always.

TRUSTWORTHY – Do you understand that there are some things that your friend has chosen to share with only you? Will those things ever come back to him/her? Can your friend truly  and fully trust you?

HUMOR – If you ain’t gonna laugh with me, goodbye. Ok, not that literally…but we all enjoy a good laugh and want to share those moments with people who see and appreciate humor. Continue reading

I went off all social media for a month!

Misery Surely Loves Company!



It was a lovely Saturday afternoon on a summer vacation in the late 90’s… Lol, it feels good that I can say that! We were in Lagos on our annual holiday. My uncle took my cousins, sister and me to Ikoyi Club. We joined my cousin when she went in for a swim! I mean, who actually needs to know how to swim, right? The pool was packed! My cousin was a rather good swimmer. She swam off to the deep end, flapping her wings and enjoying herself! My sister, Ore and I, thought, ‘hmm, why get squashed with all these other kids? If our cousin could swim, we could too!’ With no inhibition, Ore and I flapped, kicked, paddled, and at the very least, swam our way to the ‘freer side’ AKA deep end!

When we got there, we noticed that our feet were no longer touching the ground! AH (insert Nigerian screams)!! In the midst of all the excitement, no one seemed to have seen two little girls struggling! When Ore would manage to stick her head out to scream out for our cousin, or the life guard, I would drag her down! In my mind, I thought, ‘if I go down, baby girl, you’re coming with me!’ lol! Oh the selfishness!

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G’Day Mates! I Come Bearing Aussie Goodies!

img_0755AUSTRALIA!!!! I’m head over heels for you. Marry me? Haha, calm down folks, I kid.

People, I cannot stress this enough, TRAVEL! It’s the mind’s way of rediscovering its true elements. Take it a step further, and disconnect (internet). I was connected for no more than 24 hours over my 2-week holiday. I visited Sydney for 5 days by myself, then Melbourne to see my family-friends for 7 days. The whole trip was a 48-hour trip, so there goes my nicely organized 2-week vacay.

img_0764The first few days in Sydney, I was ‘gone’ by 3pm, which was about 11pm the previous day in Atlanta. It took three days for me to fully adjust to a 16-hour time difference. Since I’d either stayed up all night, or gotten up before dawn, I headed out as early as 7am, and came back to bed in the late afternoon. I was in my true element from when I got in the plane. It was like a switch was flicked on! Highly extroverted, people-lover, happy-go-lucky, fun, all smiles, inquisitive mind! I’ve prayed to God that that state stays with me beyond this trip.
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