Upsides to Long Distance Relationships (LDR)

We are focusing on the positives of LDRs! Finding someone who is amazing enough to take all your weirdness in, and choose to love you, DAILY, in spite of your flaws or short comings is right up there in the list of amazing things that can happen in life! Do not allow anyone tell you LDRs don’t work! With love, commitment and maturity, you are set!

You learn how to communicate better
Listen – when the best you have is a video call; you will utilize it to the max! Thank you Whatsapp! The tiniest frown on your partner’s face would seem so pronounced and unavoidable, causing you to go, ‘baby, are you ok? Huh? Honey? Love? Sweets? Talk to me please.’ With the constant questioning, your partner will quickly start explaining his/ her deepest fears and concerns to you.

Your creativity peaks
When the weather gets a little chilly, AKA cuffing season, and your boo boo is ways from you, your mind gets busy! You start finding methods to touch them, without physical contact. Be it small notes tucked into different parts of their apartment when you do see them, or sending the cutest dog pictures, imagining what the future holds, how you would never leave their side when the distance closes, or playing games online – my favorite being a Sudoku competition (I CHALLENGE ANYONE WHO DARES!)

You learn PATIENCE
This is bolded because this is a pain! LDR’s are tough enough, but boy, when you add in TIME DIFFERENCE, now we’re talking! The combo of LDR and time difference aches my spine! You may have the most exciting, or the saddest news, but you have to wait till your partner wakes up to discuss it with them. Many times, the euphoria or despondency of the moment may be gone by the time your partner wakes up, but if you already sent the text, or want to talk to them about it, go up to point 1… you will communicate.

No sex (celibate)
Although a real struggle, for us children of God, sex before marriage is a no-no. Many saints and aint’s struggle with this simply because, as Nigerians will say, ‘body no be firewood,’ which means we’ve got blood and nerves throughout our bodies, which could make celibacy a huge challenge! Well, here is your solution. In LDR’s, sex is impossible. I will say though, sex and purity are very different… sexting, phone sex, ok, ok, Oreofe, FOCUS! lol. God help His children.

Commitment is built
100% commitment from both parties is required to make LDRs work. It is the bedrock of successful LDRs. If you have doubts that you would not be able to commit, my friend, don’t even bother. LDR’s are not for babies. You need a deep level of maturity to build a solid relationship over distance.

You Learn Planning and Saving
As soon as your time together is coming to an end, you are already planning the next trip. This involves money. Because of how strong your love and commitment is, you will put away every penny until you get the $2,119.79 needed to purchase the next ticket.

You are loved
Relationships are generally a beautiful experience. LDRs are no exceptions. Its amazing to be accepted for just who you are, with no boundaries, and have a whole human being fully committed to you despite the popularity of cheating and the way the economy is set up in 2018.

Love is beautiful, as much as you can, accept it.

As you know, all that glitters is not gold! Stay tuned for the downsides of LDRs in my next post!

As always, it is my joy writing for you! Please share my blog post to the world. Remember that your dialogue in my comment section gives me the encouragement to keep creating exciting content for you! Feel free to leave topic requests down below. Have a terrific week ahead and God bless you!


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