Why I Quit My Job To Pursue My Passion (Video)

First and foremost, THANK YOU! I truly appreciate you for taking this journey with me. I started my blog in May 2015, with one goal. I wanted my work to positively influence at least one person! I’m glad to say this goal has been exceeded, all thanks to God and you!

Over the years, I have shared various milestones with you – Successful internships, graduation with an honors in accounting, amazing trips across the world, landing a ‘good job,’ leaving said job, exploring a new field, and now, taking my passion for communication and a ‘good ol’ chat’ to the video scene.

I am so excited to now present to you, Oreofetalks videos! I am hosting them on YouTube. Please watch, like, leave a comment, tell me something I can do better, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share the video!

Just like the blogs, the videos will go live on Thursdays, I am still working on the time frame that works best. Please connect with me on all social media. I look forward to taking this exciting new journey with you!


6 thoughts on “Why I Quit My Job To Pursue My Passion (Video)

  1. Orebabe, what can I say? From my favorite film, one of the songs says; “climb every mountain, fly up the hills, follow every river until you find dream….”
    You are fast maturing and we are no less proud of you and fully persuaded that faithful is your Maker, He will guide you all through as you yield to His total Lordship.
    All the best babe. I d be one of your followers cos I know you’d follow me too😉

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  2. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to take correct decisions as early in life as possible. I love the passion I see. In you. I pray that the passion and excitement continues to grow. God bless you real good. 👍🏾

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  3. Oh my!!! What a woman you have become! I am thankful to God for His work in you. Keep soaring… Heaven is your limit. As you put the Lord first, may He take you to a place that is higher than you.

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