Communicate with me, Partner!

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Effective/ great/ good communication in our romantic relationships are non-negotiable. It needs to exist as the foundation for a healthy relationship.
I asked around about communication in relationships… let’s delve in!

Female 1:
Constant communication is what makes a relationship easy. It is what establishes trust because you can talk about any and everything. If your partner is not communicating with you it must be the underlying cause of a different issue. Some partners may be shy and It may take a while for them to open up. When marriage becomes a topic, there should be no boundaries or shyness. I personally would not marry someone who couldn’t communicate his thoughts with me or lacked the initiative to check on me every few hours.

Male 1:
From my experience being in a long distance relationship, one absolute no-no is “assuming your partner knows you have had a busy day and wouldn’t mind if you didn’t talk or check in with her for a day.”
“Never assume that your partner automatically knows how you feel. Especially if you’re not okay with something he/she did.” If you don’t communicate, your partner may not even know you’re upset.
Lastly, it’s beautiful to have that synergy with your partner and it’s great to communicate sweet words to them to make them feel good and loved…but a big no-no is avoiding to have those uncomfortable conversations especially when both partners have argued prior to for fear of losing the one you love. Believe me they’ll love you more for opening up.

Female 2:
Do not avoid difficult conversations out of fear. It only makes things worse. Body language is a huge part of communication. In a long distance relationship, you have automatically lost half of your communication. If you are not the expressive type, you have to realize that your relationship will only go downhill if you do not open up more.
Don’t make assumptions and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t seem to be getting it right. Always seek to know and understand your partner and go extra lengths to make up for the distance by constant communication with your partner and their close friends, depending on how serious things are.
I would get a knot in my stomach people told me it’s important to remember that long distance is not the full relationship. I’ve come to find that it’s true… just not in a bad way. When you finally get together, there is going to be so much misunderstanding as you have to switch from a purely verbal communication to a more ‘complete mode’ and it is truly some adjustment. Certain hidden parts come out without warning, and sometimes it feels like you are with a different person. Just give it time, and know that what you both have is real. Through the help of God, you will find that it’s been the same person all along and the relationship just explodes to a much better level than when you guys started!!!

Male 2:
Communication is hard work. Contrary to popular belief, love doesn’t turn us into mind readers. If you want to know something, ask a question and most times you have to be as explicit as can be. We also have to be patient with each other especially when it comes to questions that deal with the intangibles. Just because you asked me a personal question doesn’t mean I have the answer. I astound myself about how little I know about myself sometimes.

Female 3:
I will suggest you keep communicating even if your partner is not communicating. Also try to understand your partner’s communication style, which probably is different from yours. Finally, take it to God in prayers… you both need to communicate and understand each other (your partner may feel u are not communicating too) so pray for yourself too.

Male 3:
It’s unacceptable to go 24 hours with no communication. If any communication issue arises, the hurting party needs to analyze the fundamental issue, and discuss with his/ her partner. Poor communication after trust has been established, could indicate that the trust is weaning.

Female 4:
It takes time and trust to open up completely to someone. It’s a vulnerable step. Trust must be earned. Once that’s established, anything can be communicated. It takes the most work to communicate. For me it is the foundation of any relationship.
There is no flaw in communication. It takes patience & practice & time and it’s essential to take the time to daily master it! Daily!

Female 5:
Communication is one of the keys to achieving good and thriving relationships. To deal with a poor communicating partner, which is subjective, is to find out their love language. Listen and observe them to see how they communicate effectively with others. The better your communication with God, the stronger and closer your relationship with Him will be. However, men and women communicate differently. No one should be monopolising the conversation. When my hubby and I were in courtship, we wrote lots of letters to each other on a regular basis, even though we lived in the same town and saw each other frequently.

Effective communication is key in a healthy relationship. When the issues of poor communication comes up, it should not be brushed aside, but should be properly discussed and a strong commitment should be made to make it better! Please share your a moment where the lack of good communication in your relationship caused it to fall apart, or how by properly addressing this, you were able to salvage the relationship!

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