My Little Poem on Death and Living


Credit: financialjuneteenth

Love me today
Tomorrow is not guaranteed

Forgive me today
It becomes your burden when I am gone

Show me Christ today
Heaven is for the saved

Hold me today
My body gets excited by yours

Buy me flowers today
The nose of the dead don’t work

Sing to me today
I want to enjoy the resounding tones

Dance with me today
My vibrant body desires to move

Hold my hands today
They don’t feel cold to touch

Write long epistles for me today
I can read and understand how valued I am

Visit me today
We will enjoy good company

Cherish me today
Time is fleeting

Be kind to me today
I will appreciate it

Invest in me today
The fruits will be rich

Promote me today
This may be the only opportunity

Feed me today
My apatite is intact

Kiss me today
When I long for you

Play with me today
I have all the energy

Be silly with me today
Life is too short to be too serious

Marry me today
Love is worth it all

Smile for me today
It may be the last one I see

Enjoy me today
We have the time

Love me today
Death steals these opportunities

This poem is born out of the desire to truly live in the moment. Please share id you are touched by it. Please share a moment you wish you shared with a loved one who is now gone… May they continue to rest in peace, and may your heart continue to heal.


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