Will you be my Reliable Friend?

oreofe1-42I love people! Maybe once a month, I surprise myself and want to be quiet, lol! But I always want to know that someone is there for me. Physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

I have encountered various types of friendships throughout my life, and I try my bets to be a good friend.
Here are some qualities I have come to treasure in my friendships. Big Disclaimer: NO ONE CAN POSSESS ALL OF THESE THINGS!

LOVE – As imperfect, sometimes complicated, maybe indecisive, short tempered, or whatever anyone is, a friend will love you. You will feel this love through your being, and you will be thankful for it, always.

TRUSTWORTHY – Do you understand that there are some things that your friend has chosen to share with only you? Will those things ever come back to him/her? Can your friend truly  and fully trust you?

HUMOR – If you ain’t gonna laugh with me, goodbye. Ok, not that literally…but we all enjoy a good laugh and want to share those moments with people who see and appreciate humor.

INTELLIGENT – We all don’t have to be Engineers, Lawyers, Business owners etc. But it’s nice to be able to have an intelligent conversation, where we can use our big girl/ boy vocabulary, and just make loads of great points and sense.

SUPPORTIVE – There is nothing like pure support from your pals! No man is an island. When the road gets tough, are you a friend to be counted on? Huh? Are you flaky in tough times? Check yourself, mate!friend

GENUINE – We are too grown to be ‘fake.’ There is no pressure that should be enough to make you feel like you have to change the person you are to ‘fit in.’ Be real, be you, be unique. Your friends appreciate this!

WISE – Every now and again, we all do questionable things. We need friends who will firmly, but lovingly call us out. No one likes to be reproached, but it is needed every so often.

NON-JUDGMENTAL – No one is perfect. We will make mistakes. As much as we need friends who can correct us, we need friends who would not judge us. This is a difference. Listen to your friends to see where you lie.

ADVENTUROUS – Are you going to come on the ride with me? Life is too short to have a routine you will always stick to. Are you a friend, who temporarily will deviate from the norm to add a little excitement to life?

RIDERS – We all need our ‘ride or die’ people. Are you going to hold her hand through this horrible breakup even though she didn’t listen to you when you said not to date him? Regardless of the mistakes made, will you be there for your friend?

DEPENDABLE – We are in this thing called life. No matter how perfect everything may be today, uncertainties and challenges will still come. As my friend, can I count on you to be a rock? Please don’t break my heart.

ROOTS – Many people will be attracted to us for different reasons, but when we choose our friends, do they take root deep in our lives, so that when the storms of life comes, they aren’t easily broken off? Let’s all work to be roots.

Friendships are vital to everyone! It’s not about the quantity. All that matters at the end of the day is the quality. Choose your friends wisely, and make sure you share this post with them! Ha-ha! See you next Thursday at 12pm EST! Please leave a comment about your good, bad, or ugly friendship experience.
In John 15:15, Jesus called us his friends. The sweetest friendship I have is the one with Him. Please welcome Him to your life, and ask Him to be your true BFF!

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