What do Men Need From Ladies?

rgI enjoyed getting the men’s perspective of our relationship series!
For this one, I won’t give you my opinions. I will simply paste the responses I received. Grab a glass of wine and some popcorn! Some men can TALK! lol!

Guy 1
Smart – I like a women who can challenge me intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically
Adventurous – A women who doesn’t wait for the guy to come up with something fun, etc. We assume that we won’t be bored with this woman since we can really predict what they would next. Predictability in a woman can be a turnoff.
Curious – willing to learn something different to better herself
Confident – nothing sexier than a confident woman
Respect – a woman who treat people with respect

Guy 2
You already know what we need. We are not that complicated, it’s pretty straightforward.

Guy 3

  1. God fearing: Not a religious fanatic but one who understands the God factor in every situation
  2. Love and respect for people around you (family and friends). The way you treat your friends and family is the way you would treat me eventually
  3. No feminist BS: I respect and value woman. We can both have careers and share responsibilities. We can both fight for woman’s rights, because I acknowledge that woman are treated unfairly across the world. But don’t bring that to a relationship with me.
  4. Cooking: I like food and I believe cooking and home dining strengthens family bonds.
    You don’t have to be an excellent cook, you just have to acknowledge that cooking is your responsibility. If not for your spouse, at least for your children. The willingness to cook should be there. Of course, I would cook too.
  5. Respect and empathy.
  6. Leave the bossy attitude at work. (both parties)
  7. A friend: I think I would want a friend. (I think this is the most important and encompasses it all). It is too complex to expatiate on. I think we don’t necessarily pick who are friends are or have a perfect recipe for choosing friends, it just happens. That’s why the whole ‘what do you want from a girl’ is a difficult question to answer.

Guy 4
A good heart
An open mind
A good sense of humor
Spiritually sound
Lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets
Friendly personality
Not easily broken (or strong willed)

Guy 5
(sorry Guy 5, I had to take some sections out! You’re very insightful!)

– It is the duty of the man to love the woman as his own self; while the woman is meant to submit to the man. A negation of this fundamental principle is what is responsible for most genuine cases of break – ups and divorces.
– The greatest single desire of a man in any relationship is ‘respect’.
– Communication is also a vital
in what men want in women. It’s quite imperative for a lady to communicate, share her thought with her man. How would we know what she has on her mind, if communication is not in place?
– Some level of compatibility which should exist on at least 2 major fronts: spiritual, intellectual or social.
– A truism states that: a man cannot achieve his full potentials without the support of a woman. Therefore, a lady should be his man’s greatest fan, cheerleader and supporter- morally, spiritual, and in all other aspects
– Real men want a lady with character: It’s a given that no one is perfect, however, a lady must be able to work on herself and develop her character maximally. No man will like his woman putting him down publicly or rubbing it in in the presence of others. Such things should be kept for when they are in private.
Humble women: we men understand the ‘play hard to get syndrome,’ however, do ladies realize how much energy goes into that? The fact that a man gives a compliment or shows interest is enough balls for the man… the more reason most men don’t keep too long in the pursuit. Ladies should be more receptive, lol…
– I agree we are wired differently, but this is a man’s view, lol.
– A man of ambition and understanding would know that a woman is the next best thing after God!
…and let the church say, AMEN! 

Guy 6
Men want a ride or die girl.

Guy 7
 A partner and a suitable help. (then, I probed him for moreeee):

Partner means partnership from the little things like helping cutting the carrots when she cooks to partner parents, emotional partner, to partner business, to partner in life. That sense that no matter what the situation is, I have his/her support. This partnership evolves and changes as you both brace the challenges, success, and failures of life. It’s the one thing that remains constant.
Suitable help: None of what I mentioned above would be truly jelling if she isn’t the suitable help for you. (Now here I can go all biblical but I bet you know that part).

And it’s a wrap! Thank you gentlemen for taking the time to respond to the post! Please follow, share, like, comment and ask questions to clarify your takeaways!
Next week, same place, same time, Thursdays @12pm EST, will be the final piece on these #relationshipgoals series! I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.

6 thoughts on “What do Men Need From Ladies?

  1. 1. I liked that he said adventurous. I dated so many guys that always waited for me to make plans. It should never be on one person.

    3. I don’t get what he meant by feminist bs…Like you don’t want the idea of equality in a relationship? And I like to cook but I don’t like that he thinks it’s a girls responsibility…he added he’d cook too but I didn’t like that expectation.

    4. I love that he said strong willed, total opposite of 5 who lost me at submit.

    7. I think we’re kindred spirits! When he said partner and friend I was like YESSS. I think it’s much easier and that is what sustains relationships longer than anything.

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  2. A good write-up and quite interesting opinions from the male folks. Their responses just exposed our stereotypical errors of assuming everyone would want the same thing. I think one’s best bet is to patiently observe her man. Find out if you’ve similar values- compatibility, understanding, empathy, friendship, mutual respect and so forth. What worked for A may not necessarily work for B.

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