For The Love of Me

You need love

You want love

You deserve love

It’s the time of the year again

Where the raindrops scream cuddle me

And the grocery stores get red

With expectations that the lover and the loved will fill the aisles

People give gifts

People receive gifts

People show love

People receive love

If you’re in love, bask in it

Forget the fights

Enjoy the thrills

It’s all truly beautiful to behold

But could get depressing

If you just haven’t quite found ‘yours’

Don’t dwell on the sadness of the moment

Make yourself have a good time

Even if you are by yourself today

Wear your best house wear

Pull out your wine

Put on your favorite comedy

Watch and laugh until you feel content

Give yourself a big squeeze

You will find yours

You will celebrate with your love soon

You will buy a present for the special one

You will get a present

But as miserable as it could be

Enjoy the process

Feed on God

He is love

His love for you is boundless

Happy Valentines Day!

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In God’s Love,


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