Au Revoir 2016. Thank You.

use.jpg2016 has been an amazing year for me… great accomplishments, and tremendous realizations of adulthood that rocked me hard (to tears more times that I’d like to admit!) Haha! I learned some lessons this year…some of them may be cliché, but I implore you to take a moment and soak it all in…

Learn how to live and love.

Live in the moment.

Do not sweat the small AND the big stuff.

Enjoy yourself.

Do whatever brings you joy – please, also bring Jesus joy.

We all fall… Don’t beat yourself too hard.

Don’t remain in ANY toxic relationship, NOTHING is worth that.

Take time off work/ school (for just a day or two) if you know you have no juice left.

Smile and make conversations with strangers.

Call your family and friends.

Tell them you miss them.

Show them you love them.

Put someone else above yourself once in a while.

Offer a hug, and get one too.

Exercise. Then take a bomb sweaty selfie.

Eat that delicious cake, and go back for another slice if you like.

Meditate. It’ll center you.

Donate to a good cause. There are people in dire need.

Give to the needy, and you don’t have to broadcast it! Ok?

Don’t hold on to anything TOO tightly… it’s all vanity.

Get your face BEAT… and take some time to appreciate your natural beauty.

Set goals… conquer those goals!

Netflix and chill till the sun comes up.

Then sleep all day (maybe once a year here, haha)

Be authentic to yourself. You deserve that.

Forgive. Forget. Let go.

Know your worth. Define it yourself.

Don’t try to comply with all societal standards. You WILL lose yourself.

Challenge what you don’t believe in.

Love people that are different from you.

I will try to respect Trump’s presidency, I guess you do the same.

Live truly… Feel emotions… Pay compliments… Be you… Find God.

Remember, in all things (as difficult as this is), in all things, find a way to give thanks.

I love you all! Thank YOU for rocking out this year with me through the bumps, and being there when I got things straight with Oreofetalks. I look forward to a phenomenal 2017! I’ll see you there. Going forward, a new post will be posted every Thursday, 9am EST. Please sign up to receive email notification when a blog posts, and follow me on all social media @oreofetalks.

Merry Christmas. For me, Christmas is a time I reflect and thank God for sending His son, my Savior, my Redeemer, and my friend, Jesus Christ to come into this world of sin, so that you and I may live again, in Him, forever.

And a very happy, adventurous filled New Year friends!

Yours Truly,

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