For Mommy, With Love.

mom-trad‘Oreofe, I believe I have done my job as a mother. From now on, let’s be friends.’ These were words from mommy, a little after I turned 20.

People say I look like her, I don’t see it, but I know I act like her in character, which brings me contentment. Nobody is perfect, so mom, for the good, and the not so great, I am grateful! Please relax, grab a glass of hot orange juice (insider) and enjoy.

Ever present, always sacrifices, forever forgiving, your love covers me.
You nurture like a mom, teach like a dad, and love like a sister.
Proverbs 31:28 – Her children rise up and call her blessed
You are blessed mommy, oh! What a virtuous woman.
Thank you for teaching me how to be courageous, by living your life with courage.
When I share my struggles with you, you share yours with me before the advise and prayers roll in.
You’re as fearless as a warrior heading to battle,
Ready to defend and protect all that you stand for your husband, your children, your Savior, and all you care for.

The Jesus in you, is the Jesus I serve.

self-3Your light shines so bright, and all who know you can testify.
OH! Your prayers have carried me this far, and you will take me further.
Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Mommy, your discipline has shaped me into the woman of morals that I am today, ese ma!
When people compliment certain aspects of my character, I point to you.
You are so beautiful iyami, inside and outside.
With skin as soft as a baby, but please stop sending me away when I want to sit there and rub the skin! haha.
And a heart that always seek to emulate Jesus.
You are accepting,
You are inquisitive,
You are daring,
Your are young at heart,
Always eager to learn new ways of doing things.
mt-parNever proud to accept your wrongs, always seeking understanding.
You are tender, smart, enchanting and unpredictable.
You show your love through words, actions and oh, the hugs and the unexpected sweet texts, with a combination of emojis I have never seen!
Psalm 128:2 – You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. How joyful and prosperous you will be!

I’ll keep trying to make you enjoy these fruits.
There are many mothers in the world,
But there is no mother like mine!
Mommy, on this ordinary day, I want you to know that you are an extraordinary woman.
I love you,
I appreciate you,
I cherish you,
I will honor you… today and always. Muah!!

Thanks for reading. Please share with your mommies, and post comments of how great your moms are!

6 thoughts on “For Mommy, With Love.

  1. Lovely and heartfelt praise to your mom. It is a blessing for a mother to get such a wonderful testimony from her daughter. Mommy GO I am jealous. Congratulations on a job well done.
    I thank God that I can celebrate my late mother as she was indeed a virtuous woman. In so my 29 years of knowing her I never saw her get mad or lose her temper. She was a mother of all mothers. I miss you mom.

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  2. Waooo!! All of these about your mum? I feel like saying I’d love to meet her😂😂😂😂. May the Lord bless your appreciative heart and reward you with children who will accept you for who you are and understand that underlining most of your actions, is LOVE.
    You are a blessing to your dad & me as your other siblings. We couldn’t have asked God a better set of children then He already gave.
    Love you babe😘😘😘

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