G’Day Mates! I Come Bearing Aussie Goodies!

img_0755AUSTRALIA!!!! I’m head over heels for you. Marry me? Haha, calm down folks, I kid.

People, I cannot stress this enough, TRAVEL! It’s the mind’s way of rediscovering its true elements. Take it a step further, and disconnect (internet). I was connected for no more than 24 hours over my 2-week holiday. I visited Sydney for 5 days by myself, then Melbourne to see my family-friends for 7 days. The whole trip was a 48-hour trip, so there goes my nicely organized 2-week vacay.

img_0764The first few days in Sydney, I was ‘gone’ by 3pm, which was about 11pm the previous day in Atlanta. It took three days for me to fully adjust to a 16-hour time difference. Since I’d either stayed up all night, or gotten up before dawn, I headed out as early as 7am, and came back to bed in the late afternoon. I was in my true element from when I got in the plane. It was like a switch was flicked on! Highly extroverted, people-lover, happy-go-lucky, fun, all smiles, inquisitive mind! I’ve prayed to God that that state stays with me beyond this trip.

I made new friends, stopped for 30-minute deep conversations by the beach with strangers, walked in the waves, shared wonderful meals with total strangers, met a cousin and her friend, attended Hillsong church, prayed, meditated, ate new foods, saw movies, did everything with a heart of gratitude to God, and took TONS of pictures, videos and boomerangs. The travel blogs say the Coogee – Bondi walk is an absolute MUST to do! After experiencing it, and walking a total of 5.9 miles when I did it, I agree! I met the most people on this walk, it’s now one of the best memories engraved in my mind.img_0701

I loved Melbourne! It was full of catching up with my loved ones, tasting some good ol’ Naija food, invaluable conversations, reminiscing on my childhood, sharing aspirations, and receiving an insurmountable amount of love from my lovely four soldiers as I like to call them. I visited the amazing Melbourne zoo, where I may or may not have had a face off with an orangutan! I received some lovely, practical advice on life from my aunt and uncle, and I will say, I was very sad to leave – I guess sad enough that I made it to the airport with only 40 minutes to departure – haha! But I am sitting here in the plane, thinking on the lovely time I had, and putting this post together.

img_0943If you’ve ever said a prayer for me, sent a positive thought my way, cooked for me (this may be the most appreciated? Ain’t no shame in my game! Haha), or showed me love in even the seemingly insignificant ways, I appreciate you, and I thank you deeply for adding color to my life. May God bless you, and I know He loves you, especially coz you love His special baby girl.

I have TONS of pictures attached because I have a blog and can do that! lol! No, seriously, so many people want to see pictures, and I can’t individually send to everyone, so enjoy as many as you can!

If you’d like me to do a blog on saving, tips for a trip, how to pick your destination, etc… Ask your girl. I just may oblige.

I’ll reiterate. Travel – it’s the mind’s way of rediscovering its true elements.

5 thoughts on “G’Day Mates! I Come Bearing Aussie Goodies!

  1. Luvly pictures, those guys have grown. You surely had a nice time. Definitely a worthwhile break coupled with d discovery of another continent of d world for you. Thumps up!!!

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