One Day, One Adventure.

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Let’s dig right in! I’ve had an interesting day to say the least! Please laugh with me!

My body decided to be awoken at 5:35am, a whole 55 minutes before I set my alarm!  I started the day off by… I could lie and say prayers first, but as a Jesus gal, let’s go with the truth, lol. I started by grabbing my baby boo, AKA my cuddle buddy, AKA my phone! Haha, calm down… Uncle Bae is en route. I checked whatsapp, social media, and played my turn in Words with Friends. Then, oh Lord, have mercy on me… I prayed and did my devotions, Our Daily Bread for the win! Today, it talked about finding the joy in trials, knowing that it’d produce spiritual maturity. So apt for me.

adaI decided to add 12 minutes to the 6:30, and catch a sweet dream or two. My bestie boo text and called me to get my behind up coz she knows I drag in the morning, I was texting her laughing, saying I’ll get up whenever. I got up, got ready. Didn’t feel like breakfast, so grabbed my salad for lunch and left. Prayed as I got in the car, and listened to my Afro beats for a few minutes, then listened to an amazing woman, Senator Elizabeth Warren crush Wells Fargo CEO, John Stumpf in an intense questioning session on the Wells scam. After listening, I wished/ prayed Nigeria will start producing people with characters like Senator Warren. I went on to FaceTime aforementioned bestie. She was gisting me how a very handsome Hispanic man pulled up to her and said her tires needed air. Based on her amazing description of him, and she has high standards in the ‘looks’ department, I joked that she should have yelled back, ‘no Papi, I don’t need air, I need you!’ LOL… It was fun and games until Papi’s words came back to haunt her. She goes, omg! Summary: She had a flat tire, and with neither of us knowing anything about that, she had to pull over and StateFarm to the rescue. She’s always SO early to work, this one time, I beat her! Lol. As usual, on i20, there’s a dead dog on the highway every other day. I saw one, winced and went back to my Afro beats for the rest of my ride.Got to work to find out my boss will be out for a while, FREEDOM!!! Lol, I felt lighter in my spirit. I got some work done, had one meeting, and tried to get T-Mobile on the phone for an issue I had! Now, T-Mobile has such bad signal in my company’s building.. Three different representatives called, but before I could go to a private place with good signal, I lost them! UGH!

tmcallAt 11:45, I grabbed my gym bag, and headed to the gym! I get in my cute, colorful workout clothes, ready for my cardio circuit class, excited because I increased my dumbbells from 5 to 8 lbs. Just after doing the second set, guess what happens… T-Mobile calls! I leave the room to take the call… The room left me, in other words, when I went back to the room, my water bottle was all that was left. Back to the call, I needed a favor from T-Mobile. The last lady I spoke to sounded like an angry elephant, so I was at the point of accepting that I’d have to pay for the request. Then, uncle T-Mobile dude fell in love with my voice, and went above and beyond to help me! God bless him! The 800 number in the picture is T-Mobile.

I didn’t feel like exercising anymore, lol, so I changed back to my work clothes and proceeded to run some errands. I went on to ship some orders – yes o, baby girl is a business woman! Lol. I provide anything. Got to the post office to discover that, shoot! I forgot my wallet at work. I usually have $20 in my car, but I’d used it the last time I forgot my wallet (it happens more times than you’d imagine), so I had only $5 left. I go into UPS, they say the shipment will cost $11. I said, ‘CHAI! There is God in everything we do o!’ So, shipping not happening till after work.

Although my silly body may think she’s lactose intolerant, I have authority over my body! Therefore, I command her to still take fro-yo, and find a way to tolerate it. I wasn’t thinking dairy when I saw this fro-yo spot, but it was neatly tucked in the corner, and looked too cute to ignore! SO, I respectfully started walking towards the store. On my walk, I came across a Tokyo sushi place. I thought, “hmm, they should have bubble tea! Oh, how I’ve missed bubble tea!” Tokyo place says they don’t have bubble tea! They refer me to a place, 7 minutes away. The fro-yo want disappeared as quickly as it came, and I went in pursuit for my bubble tea. I called them to make sure the price was under $5, as that’s all I had on me. As soon as I pull in, my phone dies. I order my taro bubble tea and get directions on how to get back. I drink the hell out of this tea and chew on my tapioca. I make it safely to work, still enjoying my Afro beats. I get to work, and guess what people! My wallet wasn’t at work, it was in my gym bag, which was with me all afternoon! SMH!

cut-charI get to my desk and try to charge my phone. The charger decided to stop working. I don’t know what possessed me, but that charger got the cut… literally! I go to the fridge to get my yummy shrimp salad. You guessed right! I left my toppings and dressings at home! Luckily, I’m not hungry today, so I guess it’ll be lunch for tomorrow! It could be dinner, but I started dreaming of rice and stew, and couldn’t quite shake the ‘longer throat.

I was laughing/ happy most of today, so I thought you know what? Instead of just taking it as another funny day, let me share with you! Please share any similar experiences you’ve had, and I look forward to coming back to a certain level of frequency.
Add me on all social media platforms @oreofetalks I look forward to connecting with you!

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