To my Brother, and the Class of 2020!

My darling aburo, Congratulations on your successful completion of high school! I’m very proud of your achievements! As you head on to college, allow me leave these nuggets for you to use as a guide through your path of life.

  • Enjoy your summer! This includes binge watching your favorite shows, waking up at 4pm, and doing whatever you want to!
  • Apply for scholarships. According to, $2.9 billion goes away in unclaimed scholarships annually. I want you to try and grab a large bunch of that
  • You are at the point in your life where many people wish they could go back to… You are FREE, no major responsibilities, no huge bills – enjoy this!
  • Always remember that life happens in phases, don’t rush through the stages. Take it all in and be thankful for these next four years of being broke, lol!
  • The time for building your credit will come. Remember I got my credit card at 18 and maxed it out buying my shoes, lol! Wait, pace yourself, do a little planning with your finances. Debit card and cash only!
  • Join a Freshman Learning Community. There is a hard transition from High School to college for a lot of people. Make it easier on yourself by having a small group of friends you can always rely on.

class of 2020

  • Join organizations that interest you, take on leadership positions, but please, don’t over extend yourself.
  • Never take an 8am, or Friday class – it’s a lie from the devil! LOL!
  • Don’t skip class! Try to put your phone away during class… This is hard, but it’s really beneficial.
  • Read the material before class. A small prep goes a long way and will give you excellent remarks, or brilliant questions. Your professor will like you for this. Trust me, that’s a great thing!
  • Be strategic in picking your seats. I usually like the third rows or so.
  • Read your bible, pray every day, IF you want to grow.
  • Make all types of friends without any judgment in your heart. Go on adventures with these friends, and explore your new city.
  • Save up for spring breaks – always travel somewhere new for spring break.
  • Be open, even to love, but only if it finds you. Otherwise, a relationship is unnecessary for the next few years. You owe it to yourself to get to know who you truly are.
  • I’m not worried about you and peer pressure, but always remember that it’s never cool to break the law. Please never smoke. Don’t worry, I’ll personally take you out when you turn 21!
  • Yes, yes, you could say it’s a girly thing, but I promise you, there are so many benefits of keeping a hand-written journal. Keep one, and be consistent with it.
  • Always be kind. Try to find the similarities you have with people, not why you may be better than them.
  • Go on as many study abroad trips as you can – easy A’s and cool trips.
  • You are not an island. Ask for help.
  • Know that you are very loved my dear. It’s important to me that you always remember this.
  • Call the parents frequently. Call me daily – You know I mean this!
  • You are called to be a soldier for Christ, never forget this.

Brother, I love you as much as I think I can love. You always have my support, and you can count on my scolding too. Jesus is always with you… every step of the way. When you feel overwhelmed, ask Him to help you get by.

I love you till the ends of the earth,
Your big sissy,

Please leave comments and feel free to ask me any question about college that is on your mind!

4 thoughts on “To my Brother, and the Class of 2020!

  1. Amazing you need to give a talk at our pre – departure orientation. This is perfect tips for students just going to college.


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