My Blogcation Is Over…Forever I Hope

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I know, I know, saying I’ve been ‘gone’ is an understatement. For how consistent my blog was, 3 months without warning was too long, but I needed the time, I hope you understand!

The Naira currency decided to speak a language of its own, which caused hell for Nigerians abroad, like me who relied on our parents in Nigeria for support. I had to find a part-time money paying job to make sure I can eat my delicious foods, because I didn’t want my parents to waste their hard earned coins… I think at the worst point; it went up to N400 to $1. Also, college graduation is a few months away for me, and I had to take the time out to apply for jobs, anyone who’s been through the process knows it’s not an easy one, but I survived, and I’m glad I have stories to tell on the job search process! I received so many no’s, I became immune to rejection, lol, but my one yes, was THE yes I believe God had in store for me!

Officially, oreofetalks is back baby! And we’re gonna rock this year together! As a gift to you, I will open up the floor for requests: What do you want me to write on? I’m only going to consider the requests that are posted in the comment section of this post. Yes, just this one time, your wish is my command! I have missed blogging, and for those who kept asking me what happened, I appreciate it! I’m back, fully, and with many more goodies in store!

One thought on “My Blogcation Is Over…Forever I Hope

  1. Happy to have you back Oreofe and glad about THE yes, look forward to hearing the stories. I’d like to put my request in for a post on Friendships. Developing, sustaining and dealing with the changes also, maybe what they mean to you.


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