Why Are You Really Here?

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 1.39.33 PMGrowing up in a Spiritual (Christian for me) household is a good thing. Well, a good thing I didn’t appreciate until now. I thank my (yes, He’s mine! :P) Jesus for salvation, but I must let you know, I’ve always wanted to have a tint, oh, just a little tint of rebellion. I didn’t want to be one of the two stereotypical types of Pastor’s Kid (PK).
1. SO bad! They strayed away from everything they were taught.

2. Too good! They lived life exactly how they were taught! Boring and following all the “rules” to the T!

It’s funny to me now because when I started this blog, I made everyone who asked know that it is NOT a religious blog! My response was this, “I don’t want to scream at people, “ACCEPT JESUS! He’s good!” I want to share my stories with them, and hope it ignites their curiosity, which will cause them to say, “Hmm, this oreofetalks seems to have a good relationship with God, I desire that…”

I’m proud and happy to announce to you that yes, I didn’t turn out like any of the extremes of the PK lol, but throughout my life, I have gained my own meaning of what being saved by grace truly means! I’m such a sinner! Not because I do something bad once, but because I sin, then ask for forgiveness, then sin again…that’s not how it’s supposed to be, but God still forgives me! I heard this quote on the radio, and it became one of my life mantras, “God cannot love you anymore than He already does!” I was dumbfounded! I was like huh???? What’re you saying! Of course He loves my faithful daddy more than he loves sinful me, and He must love sinful me more than He loves most sinful Bill Cosby!

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 1.45.40 PM

But no, II Timothy 2:11-13 gives more understanding. Pay attention to verse 13. “If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is.”

WHATTTTT!!!!! He is faithful.

Oreofeoluwa means the grace of God! My parents could not have foretold what my life would be like, but they prayerfully gave me the name that I live by. Every time someone calls that name, even in it’s short form of Ore, I hear, “God grace for your life is limitless baby girl!”

I’m at a point-zero right now in my life. Life doesn’t seem to be going how I thought it would. I found myself investing my time in the wrong people, losing the importance of seeking permission from God before doing anything, struggling like hell in school, making colorful C’s in classes. Oh! I was at the lowest point in my life. I cried out to God to deliver me, then I FaceTimed my mother WEEPING! She prayed over me and said, “baby, you’re going through this to set many others free! I know you love writing, so share the experience.”

I’m going to be reading the infamous Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. It’s a 40-day read on what on earth am I here for?!! I’m adding a little jazz to mine. I will keep my jazz to mommy and myself. Make your own jazz copycats, lol.

With all my love, and hopes that we all find the plan of God for our lives, I invite you all to take this journey with me! This is my third attempt with this book, so I forcefully appoint you to serve as my accountability partners. Any day I don’t post, buy me something, lol! No, BLAST MY INBOX! Make me uncomfortable; call me if you got the digits… For the next 40 days, we are on this purpose journey! I will resume “regular” blogging activities afterwards.

I love you with the love of Christ! Remember to share this with your loved ones, and keep an open mind. This is NOT only for Christians! Xoxo!

6 thoughts on “Why Are You Really Here?

  1. Oreofe darling, please keep being real . life is full if ups n downs n this is just a phase and I trust u wud come out better at d end of d day. I admire your courage n openness and I know what it means to be vulnerable but even in this situation: let God take control.
    It doesn’t really matter what people think as per being religious but what God thinks of u is not just a big deal but d whole deal.
    I have discovered that our experiences in life is connected to our ministry ,calling n purpose in life. U are not far from discovering ur purpose.
    Enjoy every moment of d journey. Healing comes when we open up n surrender all.
    I always love to read ur posts because u re genuine n interesting.
    Remember this is just a phase u re going through. It wud soon be over.
    Looking forward to d outcome of ur 40 day journey.
    I pray it brings u joy, peace n a greater revelation of who u are, what u have n God’s vision for ur life.
    Being a pastor’s kid is no disadvantage to u but a huge blessing.
    I pray u receive grace to remain committed through d journey till u discover a lot more than u anticipated because God will travel this road with u.
    Love u.

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