Slayage or Slavish



I always joke that when God created me, he got a little distracted by Thomas’s (allusion to the bible, doubting Thomas) questions that he forgot to completely outline my eyebrows lol. He started it so perfectly, and kinda left it half way. See, the relationship I have with The Big Man up there has different perspectives, and when we’re just chilling, I can slip a joke or two out.

To this end, I’m thankful for the invention of the EYEPENCIL! Boy! What wonders that brown pencil has worked in lives.

Makeup is a beautiful thing, but let’s take a moment to remember that too much of anything isn’t necessarily good for us. Growing up in a typical Nigerian Christian home, I was not allowed to use makeup or nail polish until about the age of 16. I HATED it at the time, oh the struggle it brought upon my life! My friends and I would go to extreme ends to find an equivalent of this eye pencil thing. I remember painting my nails with markers, and rubbing the pencil lead on a wall or so, so that we could use that for our lip liner. I kid you not! My lovely health enthusiasts, leave me alone. I didn’t die of the lead poisoning, lol.



As I grow and reflect back on my life, I realize the blessing of not wearing makeup very early on. Although makeup adds about 5 years to my real age (or so I’ve been told), I like using it. But as a girl who has a condition of chronic lateness, it’s practically impossible for me to wear makeup daily, as I rush daily (don’t ask how). I’m comfortable in my skin, and although I would like you to never see my dark spots or incomplete eyebrow, I strive not to allow my looks define me. When I think of beauty, honestly, I think of the heart. I’m not trying to be cliche or anything. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate physical appearances, it just means it takes more than your looks to gain my friendship, or any kind of relationship, and I hope that’s the image I portray. When I make friends, things like appearance, looks, religion, color, etc have nothing to do with that decision. I care if you are kind, respectful, funny, loving, cool (yope – I like cool kids, lol)…

Back to the issue at hand, I use makeup to enhance my beauty, to help cover some blemishes, and most certainly to help complete my eyebrow, but in this world where people are transformed by makeup, and some will spend loads of dollar bills to be made to feel beautiful, I don’t want myself, my unborn daughters, or my loved ones to lose sight of the true essence of beauty.

I’m never going to tell you to go without makeup, or to reduce the amount you use. However, I am going to say, make sure your heart is right. We live in a society where we’re made to feel extra conscious of our weight, race, beliefs, etc…I wonder why I will voluntarily add another one to the wicked list of things.

Makeup is beautiful, expensive, and can make head turns when applied correctly, but please let’s not make the mistake of mistaking properly applied makeup, or a beat face, or a slayed face to pure beauty, which radiates from the inside, and shows on the outside.

When I use my coconut oil to take off all my makeup at night, I need to be happy with the person who stares me back in the mirror. To this end, I try to do things moderately, and I choose not to buy into this trend of “fleekness”. There is beauty in my unfleek brows, and until I appreciate it, you won’t appreciate it. The one message I want you to remember from this post is this, and quote me when you use it, lol, “no one can make you feel ugly if you do not give him or her the authority to do so.”

I enjoy reading your feedbacks. Let me know how you can relate to this post, or any reservations you have about it! If you enjoyed the read, remember to share it with your friends and loved ones. xoxo!

2 thoughts on “Slayage or Slavish

  1. Funny how this post just relates to a converstaion i had not too long ago. I was talking to a mate who questioned why i wore makeup, and i kid you not, i didn’t have a logical reply except “I’m a girl and i like it .. lol. It just makes you think how passively we behave in a world sometimes.x


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