To Ask… Or Not To Ask ?

Credit: Office Reports

Credit: Office Reports

“There are no stupid questions… It’s the effort that counts.” I’m sure we’ve all heard this or some variant of this phrase at some stage in our lives. Oreofetalks is going to disagree on this one. There are in fact a lot of stupid questions. Think about it, most questions have very apparent answers! I know I’m guilty as charged of asking questions I could get the answers to by reading the instructions, or fine print, but we could all be a little too lazy to read through.

Cheer up inquisitive minds, your world isn’t over; remember there’s always a plot twist to everything. Stupid questions can be asked in an intellectual manner.

I love and enjoy attending presentations, conferences, young adult forums, political meetings and almost anything professional. I love humans, so I think I like anything that allows me interact with them! More importantly, these events push my mind to think, and as we all know, thinking is great for your skin (I so wish!)

I’m a tall girl, 5’8. To me, tallness is to presence as shortness is to cuteness. Whichever group you fall under, you can make it work for yourself! I wear heels to professional events because, it makes me feel “elevated”, and I like the idea of looking people DIRECTLY in the eye, especially if I’m taller, so they can look up at me 😉
You see what I did there…I picked an uncontrollable feature of mine, and created something beautiful. I bet if I were short, I’d have come up with a perfect way of making it work for short folks.

Gosh! I digress too much. Anyways, I told you guys I was going to keep you updated on my internship at Turner. It’s now week 3, and I haven’t posted anything the whole time, I apologize! Today, we had a meeting called: “All Hands: Accounting and Finance.” I’ll give you the gist.

See, in a large, multi-billion dollar company, you don’t get the privilege of seeing the CEO, CFO and top executives too often. They are the company’s rare gems. But as you imagined, they were present at this meeting.

When I step into a room filled with influential people, my mind starts thinking: “how can I make an impact in a group as intimidating as this?”
The answer, ASK QUESTIONS! It works like a charm. Now, these questions cannot come out as stupid, and they can’t be asked in a shy, squeaky voice. Allow your voice stand tall and ring lovely throughout thee whole room J

At the meeting, the hilarious emcee, Richard Quest (Google him), said he’s very aware people are nervous to ask questions so he gave us (Turner employees) his email to send any questions to, but we also had the opportunity to go up to the stand. The presentations were fun, and people kept sending good questions to the email, which Richard would read to the executives.

By the time two hours passed by and no questions had been asked on the stand, I realized my moment was here. The meeting had reached a point where whoever asked a question would be seen as a courageous face of the Finance and Accounting departments, and that wasn’t a bad idea to me! I immediately text my question to my manager and asked her if it sounded intelligent. When she said yes, I boldly walked across the stage in my heels, and stood behind the misc.

Richard didn’t see me, so I proceeded to say “hello” into the misc., he turned and said: “Oh dear, I’m so sorry!” Then came to my side and gave me a lovely pat on my back (I think it was supposed to be a hug, but my internal nervousness kept me from returning it.) “What department do you work for? … Everyone this is our courageous intern!” I felt great!

The lights focused on my face, and at that point I remembered that this meeting was live-streamed in New York and London as well.

I stood upright, and clearly asked my question:
“As we’ve seen throughout most of the presentations today, the most lucrative aspects of Turner are mostly concentrated on young people’s eyeballs. When a meeting with the YouTube CEO for instance is set, how do you practically go about making sure ideas from your target audience is represented, in order to fully utilize all profitability options?”

I heard some “uhhs”, and “ahhs.” As I was walking back to my seat, people kept saying, great question! I was happy. The question was answered to the CEO’s best ability, and a few minutes after, the event ended. I could have gone up to chat with him, but I chose to leave it up to whenever next I see him, and start with an opener like “Hey, this is Oreofe from the All Hands meeting!”

Anyways, I get back to my cubicle, an e-mail from my manager comes in. She forwarded the e-mail from the manager of Talent Acquisition, and I quote

“tell your intern she did a good job on asking her question!”

That’s all the email said, but I can’t explain how it made me feel! For those who understand connections, you know this goes a long way!

All in all, it doesn’t take too much to shine! I paid attention to the presentations, framed the questions rightly, and take to the stage and shone bright like a diamond!

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