My Nigerian Boarding School Lingua



I went to 2 boarding schools in Nigeria for a total of 6 years! I have stories for days on different occurrences from school. This will be the post to refer to in the future when I use some slangs from my days ’04 – ’10

Frappas or Conference: A wedgie – when your underwear gets ‘stuck’ lol

Baff-up’s: dressy clothes

Ebs: eba

Yellow: moi-moi

Quafs: making out

Choko: female to female “special” friendship (NOT homosexual)

Kabs/ Kibs: said when something doesn’t make sense.

Take sorr: Sorry

Fap: Steal

Ela/ Lague: ignoring in an embarrassing way

Zobo/ Chuck inside bottle: Prank someone

Dry: boring

Balls: nonsense

Stab: skip class

Reps: Reputation in school

Chow: food

Gbaguan/ Tobon/ Igboi: wrong grammar. Example, “we wasn’t there”

Princi/ Princo: School’s principal

Cast/ Snitch: report/ tell on someone

Stroke/ Yab: Tease/ Make fun of

Tap: Play (may we go tap soccer)

Ju: loser

Jolly Just Come (JJC): unexposed to the reality of school life (or things in general)

Spark: Shouting at someone

Making mouth: Being boastful

Rake: passionately venting

Wayo/ Ojoro: Cheating

Choks: Materials used to cheat in exams

Nab: Catch someone in the act

No qualms: No problem

Put sand sand for my garri: Negatively impact a good situation

Bad belle: someone who isn’t rooting for you.

I hope these are accurate. I know there are many more, please comment the ones I omitted in my comment section, they will be added it to the post. For those who aren’t familiar with these, you can ask how a particular one is  used, and those who know will try to help!


4 thoughts on “My Nigerian Boarding School Lingua

  1. lol…..this is soo nostalgic.

    Swave- to steal ( a variant of Fap)
    Sugomu- dullard
    Garium Sulphide- Garri
    Pave way- Puff Puff ( you should really write on the boy/girl dining hall wars 🙂 )
    Giz – water
    Transport- smuggle contraband items
    Riddick – car

    That’s all i can remember….keep up the good work dear :*


  2. Burn : to wear a piece of clothing frequently
    Crash : to sleep
    “Your balls are dragging” : courage

    Orelis! You go girl!


  3. sugo/swegbe: dullard
    famz : to try and talk to someone you don’t know
    dub : to cheat
    fashi : don’t worry
    doing : dateing
    bitch : attitude eg(stop giving me bitch)
    juvy : a junior eg jss1 juvy
    if you dont know this dont worry they are more moderen


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