The Stain. The Interviews. The CALL.

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Many companies teach the major skills needed to fulfill the responsibilities of an advertised job to their hires. This leaves some room to conclude that skills aren’t 100% the reason for hiring. Soft skills like relationship building, adaptability, etc matter a lot.

This is a sequel to the last post. If you missed it, please read here.

The next round of interviews put our soft skills to test. 25 candidates were taken to a top-notch restaurant in Atlanta for dinner. Each candidate was sat beside, and across from a staff. We were expected to engage in relationship-building dialogue, and luckily for me, that comes easily.

One of the appetizers offered to us was chips (crisps) and salsa. Unfortunately, with the first chip I took, the salsa chose to drop on the white part of my white and grey dress! At the beginning of dinner! Allow me repeat that. Salsa (red) dropped on the white part of my white and grey dress AT THE BEGINNING OF DINNER! My confidence went from 9.82/10 to 7.96. At that moment,  I knew I had to blow their minds to be given a shot.

I took the role of asking engaging questions: “What are your favorite shows?” “Favorite fast food restaurants?” I did my best to make the conversation light, as I had learned not to ask things like “what are the duties of your job” at a “laid-back” dinner. The night ended on a high note, and I may have been the only one who noticed my salsa stain.

The following day, we assembled at the CNN center, downtown Atlanta. We had an hour- long orientation with the VP’s of the different departments. Really mind blowing what their jobs entail, and how they climbed up their career ladders! From the orientation, I learned that if I’m ever called for an interview, I must read up on the regulations of the company, and come with intelligent questions (I’d share more about asking questions in a later post).

Now, the serious part commenced! We had 3 interviews with 3 different directors, in different departments. My strategy for these interviews: immediately identify things that connected the interviewer and I together, and use that as the cushioning for the interview. (Please ask any questions in the comment section 🙂 ) On my last interview for the day, my interviewer and I connected so much that we ended up chatting like old friends. We talked about the paintings on her wall, the orphanage she’s very involved with, my mentors, and everything went well!

After the 3 interviews, we went for an amazing lunch at Mccormick and Schmicks. The lunch ended on a high note, and we got to interact with many more staff. I was thrilled about this interviewing process, glad it was over, and hoped for the best. I try not to stress about things I don’t have direct control over (those wrinkle lines can wait baby).

A little over a week later, I’d just finished a group project meeting (don’t we all just LOVE these!! :>) ). Anyways, I got in my car, and listened to my voicemails… I called the HR person back:
HR: Hi Ore! How’re you?
Me: I’m fine, thank you! You?
HR: I’m good, thanks for asking.
My mind: [satakabalahasaderatoh cecicww cwe (literally)]
HR: We would love to have you as one of our summer interns. You have a week to accept, or decline the offer.
My mind: [Control yourself. You’re in demand babyyyy]
Me: Thank you! I don’t need a week, I accept.
HR: (I didn’t hear a thing!!)

I immediately sent a voice note to my family, thanking God, and sharing the good news! I start this internship in 3 weeks; I plan to give you all the 411. Please pray for my success, and feel free to leave advice for me in the comment section.

This is only Oreofetalk’s second blog post, and the love received has been overwhelming! Thank you all. Please continue to read, visit, follow, share, and spread the word about my blog. xoxo

10 thoughts on “The Stain. The Interviews. The CALL.

  1. Wow!! This was so interesting and engaging! Which company will you be an intern with and what does the position entail? Looking forward to reading more!


  2. That’s a lovely story. You’ve always been a great communicator and relationship builder so this comes as no surprise to me 🙂 . Give ’em hell (or should I say heaven?) when you get there.


  3. I have questions..wen salsa dropped on your dress what was the interviewers reaction? how did he respond?
    How were you able to engage the lady into further discussions of her charity work etc.


    • Honestly, I don’t know if they acted like they didn’t see, but there was no obvious reaction from them; and trust me: I WAS LOOKING!
      When I got to her office for the interview, I noticed some unique pictures of her wall (drawn by children). I asked her who drew them..and she explained that she is involved in an orphanage in Nepal, and that’s how that conversation started 🙂


  4. Nice one sweetie. May the Lord be with you. I love the ‘tongues’ part! I remember once when u thought you lost some things and even though you were almost crying, you were still speaking in tongues! That’s one part I admire soooo much about you. Don’t ever stop!! He that has began a good work in you will perfect it! Nice one darling!


  5. well done Oreofe! read thru a no of your posts and they’ve bin amazing.. I trust your ability to give in your best at the intern. God’s abundant grace ko… lol


  6. Oreofe Love, more and more and more grace dear, I mean, thats who You are, GOD’s Grace. Keep on being an ambassador of CHRIST


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